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Jams for people who know they like Contact Improv

The framing of any  Contact Improv  jam influences what happens at the jam. At the DC Sunday jam we share a monthly Underscore because it can help newcomers find their way into the practice while also providing experienced jammers with opportunities for rich exploration. I've been involved in another kind of jam, one which is specifically framed with less guidance. That self-selects for people who know they like the practice. Such a group can together arrive in situations that might not otherwise be available in a group with more tentative participants. I don't think this second kind of jam needs to be exclusive to work well, however. Instead, I feel that by clearly articulating some elusive criteria, people deciding whether or not to participate can know what is expected and whether or not that fits for them. Here is my first draft of an attempt at such a framing. Suggestions are welcome! Jam for people who know they like CI This is a jam for people who can handle t

Preventing Google Calendar spam, and intricacy of requirements analysis

In Google Calendar's (current) default configuration there's an opening for unlimited spamming, with an opportunity for dangerous phishing links. There's a Google Calendar setting that closes that opening, but in a way that also closes some information flow in legitimate collaboration with known colleagues. The details are a good example of the intricacy and difficulty in adequate requirements analysis. The problem is in what happens when someone creates a calendar event that include you as a guest. The person including you can elect to send out notifications to the event guests via email. Your calendar has a setting which regulates when a calendar entry is automatically created for events of which you are a guest: "Automatically add invitations" (in General > Event settings) Here are the options: Yes <- default="" li="" the=""> Yes, but don't send event notifications unless I have responded "Yes" o